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Community Resource Person

- Must be self driven and creative
- Strong project, research, and analytical skills
- Excellent interpersonal, networking and communication skills
- Strong writing skills
- Must posses Diploma or minimum of BGSCE certificate

- Mobilise stakeholders at Sub national level to participate in the activities of the
- Support data collection at the subnational level regarding the studies being conducted by the platform.
- To engage sub-national administration on climate change policies and plans required at this level and find opportunities for intervention by respective platforms.
- Assist to mobilise funds for projects,
- Work closely with the green teams at the sub-national level
- Develop weekly reports and submit them to the thematic coordinators.

Terms of engagement
The Thematic coordinators will be engaged for an initial period of 8 months.
Email Application by the May 08 2023:


Thematic Coordinators

(Adaptation, Mitigation, Climate Finance)

- Must demonstrate a clear understanding and experience in sector represented in at least one of the thematic areas
- Demonstrate capacity to engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders including
government officers on climate change issues
- Must be conversant with policies related to climate change at the regional, National
and sub national levels
- Must be self driven and creative
- Possess a university degree or diploma in a relevant field of study

- Support programmes by formulating and implementing within the thematic areas
- Support resource mobilization grant accessing for the identified projects
- To support outreach to national institutions, organisations, private sector and
individuals of interest to the BCCN for collaboration in areas of common interest
- To work with the Young Digital Activists and Community Resource Persons in
packaging and disseminating information to the respective constituencies
- Support in mobilisation of partners at the national level to participate in online or
physical activities being carried out by the Network
- Gather and process data on critical rapid response interventions of interest to BCCN
- Liase with the CRPs at sub national level to consolidate and collaborate data
gathered at both levels for action by the BCCN
- Support the consultants who will be working on various studies in mobilising
interviewees and in data collection

Terms of engagement
The Thematic coordinators will be engaged for an initial period of 8 months.
Email Application by the 5 May 2023:


Nairobi Summer School on Climate Justice

The call for applications for the Nairobi Summer School on Climate Justice (NSSCJ) Cohort 3, 2023 is now open. Deadline is 21 April 2023 at 11:59 EAT. Access the Application form.

The Nairobi Summer School on Climate Justice  invites eligible applicants from diverse fields to apply for a two (2)-week long NSSCJ that will take place from July 3 to 14 July 2023 at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya. Target applicants include climate advocates, activists, and campaigners, policy makers, grassroots community leaders, academia, climate scientists, researchers, smallholder producers’ organizations and trade union members, and leaders of Civil Society Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Self Help Groups, youth groups, women’s groups and all others with a passion to address the most profound challenge society has ever faced. READ MORE HERE

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