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About Us


To create and strengthen citizen understanding of climate change through communication and demonstration of adaptation and sustainable projects.


Involve & empower the community to actively participate in the national, regional and global climate agenda.​

About: About Us


  1. To empower and strengthen community participation and involvement in the climate agenda.

  2. To support initiatives and applied innovative researches aimed at creating green jobs as well as sustainable environment resource management.

  3. To create a platform for dialogue on sustainable development issues in the country.

  4. To create sustainable livelihood options and economic opportunities for marginalized communities.

  5. To build critical mass of conscious and tolerant citizens who can actively participate in climate change, environmental management and energy issues at national, regional and global spaces. 

About: About Us

Who We Are

About: Who We Are

Our Work

The Network works sees it imperative to integrate climate change actions into national policies, strategies and planning in an effort to ensure that climate change is fully addressed, and actions respond to globally agreed goals.  Botswana Climate Change Network has made strides in setting up itself as a reputable Organization, nationally, regionally and globally. Through its partnership with the Pan Africa Climate Justice Alliance, the Network has managed to interact and create partnerships with United Nations Environment Programme Regional Office for Africa, UN Women Southern Africa, UN Economic Commission (ACPC), United Nations Development Programme (Botswana), and other UN Agencies. The Network also collaborates with international organisations such as Oxfam, International Coal Network, Rural Women Assembly, World Resources Institute among others. These partnerships have seen the acceleration of the Network’s engagement in climate change dialogue, and the formulation and implementation of climate change policies including community based activities. 


Botswana Climate Change Network actively participates in international and regional gatherings such as the Africa Ministerial Conference on Environment, Climate Change and Development in Africa Conference, UNFCCC Conference of Parties, AU Summit, and various climate change intersessional dialogues. In an effort to ensure the realization of the sustainable development goals and the success of the UN Agenda 2030, Botswana Climate Change Network collaborates with partners such as the Botswana Coalition on SDGs, Together 2030, the Government of Botswana and UN Agencies.  

Guiding Frameworks

Botswana Climate Change Network’s work on climate change agenda is guided by key national priorities from the National Vision Framework, National Keynote Policy Papers on Climate Change and the UNFCCC reports, and research findings. National priorities as identified by the documents include sustainable utilisation of natural resources, economy and employment, human development capital and social development. 
The identified priority areas are cross-cutting in the climate change agenda, hence the need to align them with emerging global Agreements, and consequently build a climate change framework for the country as guided by these.  In order to ensure that Botswana follows a sustainable climate responsive pathway, Botswana Climate Change Network has identified programme areas as reflected in its 2013-2015 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan was revised in 2016 and adopted for the period 2016-2020. The new Strategic Plan builds around the Paris Agreement, and its main goal is to explore the country’s readiness to achieve the goals and targets of the Agreement.

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