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Insights from the Inaugural C4A Conference

Advancing Agricultural Adaptation in Africa

The First Conference on Accelerating Agricultural Adaptation in Africa (C4A) served as a significant catalyst for advancing agricultural adaptation across the African continent. By bringing together key players, sharing knowledge, and promoting actionable policy changes, the conference aims to facilitate a more sustainable and climate-resilient future for agriculture in Africa.

The conference was held in Abuja, Nigeria, from October 16-19, 2023. Key partners, including the National Climate Change Council (NCCC) of the Federal Government of Nigeria, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), and various other organisations.

It allowed a unique perspective and highlighted the crucial role of civil societies in advocating for agricultural adaptation, particularly as we approach COP28.

Africa's agricultural sector is a focal point within the African Union's Agenda 2063, which envisions the transformation of this sector into a modern and productive one. This transformation will be achieved through the integration of science, technology, innovation, and indigenous knowledge.


One of the primary objectives of this conference was to promote a sustainable and climate-resilient future for agriculture in Africa. By convening a diverse group of stakeholders, including government officials, international organizations, farmer associations, researchers, and representatives from civil society, the conference aimed to address pressing issues surrounding climate change adaptation in agriculture.

"The African Development Bank recognizes that achieving sustainability in our countries hinges upon the development of crucial sectors, with agriculture emerging as one of the most significant avenues for success." - Prof Anthony Nyong, African Development Bank

Key Note Speakers

"We must not merely adapt; we must strive to cultivate a sustainable & intelligent agricultural sector that's forward-thinking & resilient. Our mission is global, yet it's through local ingenuity & collaboration that we'll implement the solutions we seek." - Dr Augustine B Njamnshi

The resounding message was that agriculture serves as the backbone of many African economies, providing livelihoods for millions. Yet, the looming threat of climate change endangers food security, water resources, and the overall resilience of the agricultural sector.

C4A Themes and Recommendations

The C4A conference was structured around six key themes, each defined objectives:

Resilience Building: Participants focused on sharing best practices to enhance the resilience of African agricultural and food systems

Policy and Funding Landscapes: Conversations revolved around exploring the transformation of policies and financing required to accelerate adaptation in the sector

Low-carbon agricultural systems: participants identified pathways for transitioning African agriculture towards low-carbon resilience.

Inclusion: Strategies were developed to promote the inclusion of marginalised groups, especially women, youth and pastoralists, within the agriculture sector.

Just Transition: The concept of a just transition in African agriculture was framed, emphasizing sustainability and climate resilience

Global Visibility: Participants explored methods for enhancing the visibility and influence of African agricultural adaptation in global processes, particularly to lead up to COP28

C4A Recommendations

  • Foster stronger collaboration among African nations to align national policies with regional and global adaptation goals.

  • Mobilize increased climate financing for the agricultural sector, focusing on adaptation measures.

  • Prioritize gender and youth inclusion in agricultural adaptation strategies.

  • Promote innovative, sustainable agricultural practices, including agroecology, regenerative agriculture, and nature-based solutions.

  • Advocate for the African agricultural adaptation agenda in international climate negotiations, including COP28.

  • Continue to organize and support events like C4A to maintain momentum and foster long-term adaptation efforts.

C4A - Statement - FINAL - ENG
Download PDF • 464KB

Invitation to Upcoming Event

Come and be a part of an engaging online event organized by The Consortium of African Youth in Agriculture and Climate Change - Cayacc on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM EAT.

During this event, we will delve into the significant contributions of African youth to the advancement of policy initiatives in Agriculture and Climate Change across the continent.

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