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Keep Your Promise Campaign Launch - Botswana

You are invited to the launch of Keep Your Promise Campaign, to be held on Friday 10th November 2023.

Starting Point: BCCN Office, Plot 3211, Extension 12, Gaborone at 08:00 - 09:00 AM

Convening point: Main Mall, Gaborone from 10:00 - 12:00 The “Keep Your Promise Campaign” marks a historic Pan-African initiative aimed at holding nations accountable for their commitments under the Paris Agreement, a landmark global effort to combat climate change.

This campaign is a collaborative effort involving multiple countries. The vision is clear: to harness the power of collective action and advocacy.

Key Activities

The #KeepYourPromise campaign in Botswana will include the following key activities:

#KeepYourPromise Peaceful Walk The peaceful walk will bring together the public, specifically young people and BCCN members to collectively call for accountability, justice and more ambitious climate action. The walk is a call to action and a reminder to those who made promises—promises to support nations like ours in our fight against climate change. The walk will also garner public attention towards the campaign. The walk will commence after the Media briefing following the route as follows: From Extension 12 (BCCN Office), past South Ring Mall, around Gaborone Senior School roundabout, past the Gaborone City Council, end at Main Mall

Media Briefing A media briefing will follow once we arrive at main mall to officially launch the campaign and introduce the campaign to the public. We recognise the significance of the media in raising awareness on climate change and advancing our advocacy for ambitious and accountable action. Key components of the media briefing will include:

  • Introduction of the continental #KeepYourPromise campaign Delivery of the BCCN Civil Society Statement Questions and comments from the media

Media registration:

Pop Up Campaign Stall A stall will be set up at the Gaborone Main Mall to engage the public in the campaign and facilitate public awareness around the #KeepYourPromise agenda. Educational material on climate change will also be distributed to help raise public awareness on the climate crisis.

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